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Complex Analysis and Complex Dynamics for Teachers and Research Scholars

December 10 - 22, 2018


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Objectives of the School

Complex Analysis has the potential to address many learning outcomes that are important in studying mathematics. The subject has connections to several other mathematical areas and it provides students with opportunities to build a deeper cognitive mathematical framework. Complex Analysis is the jumping off point for many areas of current research and popular interest. Topics such as fractals, complex dynamics, minimal surfaces, and harmonic functions are within easy reach. The syllabus of the workshop has been designed in a way so that the one third of the workshop will be devoted to foundational aspects of Complex analysis. A salient feature of the workshop is that the participants will be exposed to Introductory Complex Dynamics via Complex analysis. Complex dynamics is an active and exciting area of research. The seminal ideas and foundations of the subject Complex Dynamics originated with the French Mathematicians Pierre Fatou and Gaston Julia in 1918. After that, a number of interesting developments have taken place. In this workshop, we aim to acquaint the audience with some of the central ideas of Complex Dynamics.

Topics to be covered

  • Analytic Functions
  • Conformal maps
  • Normal families
  • Measure theory
  • Complex Iterations
  • Dynamics of Rational maps
  • Dynamics of Entire functions
  • Ergodic theory of discrete dynamics


Applications are invited from Lecturers in Mathematics who have passed NET/SET or equivalent examination and who are teaching at a college / university. Research Scholars working in complex analysis or complex dynamics are encouraged to apply for this program. Applicants below the age of 35 will be given preference.

How To Apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply online in the webpage, workshop.iittp.ac.in/math_cacd , along with recommendation letter from their supervisor or from the Head of the Institute. Last date to apply online is 20th October 2018.
List of selected candidates will be announced in the program webpage on 27th October 2018 .

Financial Support: The selected participants will be provided with accommodation and local hospitality. Also, train fare up to III AC will be reimbursed.

Shorlisted candidates Details for Mathematics WorkShop On Complex Analysis and Complex Dynamics for Teachers and Research Scholars

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Last Date to apply online

20th October 2018

IIT Tirupati
Andra Pradesh

Announcement of Selected candidates

27th October 2018


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